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Regulatory issues on traditionally used herbal products, herbal medicines and food supplements in the Philippines  Review Article 

Yolanda R. Robles1, Imelda G. Pe?a1,2, Monet M. Loquias1, Roderick L. Salenga1, Karen C. Tan1 and Edwin C. Ruamero, Jr.1
1 Department of Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy, University of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines.
2 Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, National Institutes of Health, Manila, Philippines


    Comments and recommendations of different stakeholders on the existing policies on safety, traditional use, scientific validity, quality, registration process, monitoring, and public feedback for traditionally used herbal products, herbal medicines and food supplements were documented. While many agreed on the provisions of existing policies for herbal medicines and products, there exists discontent on the absence of stricter and more definitive guidelines for food supplements despite their abundance in the Philippine market. It was unanimously suggested that current policies must be revised in such a way that the consuming public must be ensured of its quality, safety and efficacy or authenticity of claims. Other issues that were extensively critiqued include the need for finer categorization of products, regulation of advertisements and an institution that will serve as a repository of information regarding these medicines and products.  


1 herbal products
2 herbal medicine
3 food supplements
4 regulation
5 Philippines

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JAASP Volume 1 No. 3
July - September, 2012

Page: 170-179

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