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The Medicinal Properties of the Alocasia Genus: A Systematic Review  Research Paper 

Romeo C. Ongpoy, Jr.1,2,3
1 College of Pharmacy, De La Salle Health Sciences Institute
2 Regulatory, Clinical & Quality Department, PerkinElmer Instruments (Phils.) Corp.
3 Graduate School, Centro Escolar University - Mendiola


    The objective of this study is to evaluate the existing medicinal studies of the Alocasia genus and identify the possible studies that may be done in the future on its member species. To do this, Science Direct and Google Scholar were used as a database to get the available researches searching for the term “Alocasia” and some of its common species like “Alocasia macrorrhiza”. Fifty eight articles were selected and from these, 28 were qualified for this systematic review. Results show that Alocasia species are mostly studied for antioxidant and antitumor and cytotoxic studies and to some extent antimicrobial and glycemic and lipidemic studies which are mostly related to cancer studies. The findings in this study suggest that Alocasia species may be studied further for toxicities and most importantly, cancer ddestudies as based on available literatures, there is a strong pattern that correlates its available medicinal studies to the different stages of cancer development.  


1 Alocasia
2 Medicinal Properties
3 Alocasia spp.

Published in

JAASP Volume 6
January - December, 2017

Page: 025-033

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