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Dance Therapy Acceptance & Enthusiasm Through A Wellness Class: A Before-After Study  Research Paper 

Romeo C. Ongpoy, Jr.1, 2, Darwin M. Panganiban3, 4, Nancy A. Balatay5
1 College of Pharmacy, De La Salle Health Sciences Institute
2 Graduate School, Centro Escolar University
3 Physical Therapy Department, School of Health Science Professions, St. Dominic College of Asia
4 Graduate School, Our Lady of Fatima University
5 Guidance & Counseling Unit, De La Salle Health Sciences Institute


    The objective of this study is to determine the acceptance and the relationship of dance enthusiasm before and after a wellness class as well as the changes after the class particularly in the understanding and promotion of dance therapy. This study adapts a before-after model through a wellness class and a cross-sectional method is also used to assess the before-after changes and the rest of the study variables. Results show that acceptance is high at 70% for dance therapy as Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and its practitioner as a healthcare professional, dance enthusiasm significantly increased as well, however, the before and after variables show that generally there is no significant difference (p= 0.072 with 0.05 level of significance) except in understanding (< 0.001) and promotion (0.019) variables. It can be concluded that more sessions must be conducted for development of dance therapy as a single class only improves understanding and promotion. Other CAM therapies may also be introduced based on the responses from the participants; these are poetry and recreational therapies.  


1 Dance Therapy
2 Before-After MovementTherapy
3 Complementary & Alternative Medicine

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JAASP Volume 6
January - December, 2017

Page: 034-038

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